Ben Avon Street Tree Survey

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Trees provide many direct and indirect benefits to Ben Avon:
  • shade to cool our homes and yards
  • habitat for birds and other wildlife
  • fresh air
  • increased property values
  • privacy
  • noise reduction
Our trees are very important to us. They are, in part, what makes our town so special. It is essential that we maintain this valuable resource.

The Survey

Many volunteers are working to document the street trees in Ben Avon by noting the location, condition, species, as well as some additional information about each street tree. For this survey, "street trees" are defined as trees that overhang the street or sidewalk, or trees that are planted in the strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk (the "tree lawn".)

View the Survey Data

The preliminary survey data can be viewed using our web-based viewer. Due to the amount of information, and the photos used to create the map, it is recommended that a broadband internet connection be used to view the data.

Web-based Tree Data Viewer:

NOTE: Due to the large number of trees, the web page may take up to fifteen seconds to load. Please be patient. The data viewer is not recommended for users with dial-up connections.

Ben Avon in Google Earth

Google Earth users can view Ben Avon buildings and tree survey data by linking to